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Pyramids and the Nile 2 - Overview
November 6 - 16, 2024 

November 6 - 16, 2024
11 Days / 10 Nights

This tour starts and ends in Cairo

$5,860 per person / double occupancy
$1,780 optional single supplement
$480 additional night, including private transfer, single or double
Includes all fees and taxes

This tour may be combined with the Petra and the Jordan Highlights 2 tour (November 16 - 21, 2024)


  • 3 nights at a luxury hotel in Cairo; 2 nights at an upscale Nile-side hotel in Luxor; 4 nights on a deluxe Nile Riverboat; 1 night at the modern Cairo airport hotel
  • Private airport transfers on arrival and on departure from Cairo
  • The Egyptian entry visa and a private immigration assistant on arrival
  • All meals throughout the tour, at fine hotel dining rooms, local restaurants and onboard the Nile riverboat: 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 10 dinners, including drinks, and bottled water at all meals
  • Three domestic flights in Egypt and all transportation in Egypt in a private, air-conditioned motor coach
  • Bottled water on days when touring by bus
  • Knowledgeable Egyptologist guide, who will accompany the group throughout the tour, a private driver and Sights and Soul Travels' Tour Director
  • A designated security guard throughout the tour
  • All admissions and attractions mentioned in the itinerary
  • All restaurants', guide's and drivers' gratuities
  • All taxes, fees, fuel charges and supplements

Additional/optional costs may include: optional travel insurance, optional single supplement, optional additional accommodations, optional Tour Director's gratuities, room service, mini bar charges, laundry charges, phone calls, personal expenses. 

The tour cost does not include airfare to and from the tour’s location.

  • The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
  • Saqqara Pyramids
  • Sensory extravagance of Old Cairo
  • The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo
  • Cruising the Nile River
  • Karnak and Luxor Temples
  • The Valley of the Kings
  • Queen Hatshepsut's Temple
  • King Tut's and Ramses VI's tombs
  • Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples
  • Nile cataracts in Aswan
  • Phalie Temple
  • Ramses II and Nefertari's Temples in Abu Simbel

Tour Director:  Ingibjörg Jónasdóttir

Along the Nile River's fertile plains, the earliest human civilization gave rise to one of the most powerful and intriguing cultures: ancient Egypt. Since then, the Nile River and the Egyptian pyramids have captivated our imagination like no other icons.

With the Pyramids and the Nile Tour, we'll embark on the voyage of a lifetime, exploring the ancient Egypt and sailing along the Nile, one of the Earth's most revered rivers. We'll be rewarded with an unforgettable journey which makes history come alive, as we discover the magnificent temples at Karnak and Luxor, the extraordinary painted tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the surreal Abu Simbel, and the iconic Great Pyramids. We'll study the mysterious realm of the pharaohs and visit their colossal monuments and elaborate tombs. We'll learn about the pantheon of Egyptian gods, ponder the beauty of hieroglyphics, see the wonders of modern engineering in Aswan and participate in engaging discussions on both ancient and modern Egypt. We'll also explore the vibrant Cairo, and gain insight into a culture and religion that are integral to today's geopolitical issues. We'll see magical places full of architectural gems, important museum collections, and learn about life along the Nile, as we cruise aboard a luxury riverboat. A special highlight of this tour will be visiting the newly opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization with its collection of recently relocated mummies and  many pieces displayed for the first time. 

  • We'll spend 4 days in Cairo, the fascinating capital of Egypt; 2 days in Luxor, the ancient Thebes; and 5 days onboard a luxury Nile riverboat.

  • While in Cairo, we'll wonder at the city of sky-scrapers that rise in contrast to tapered minarets, at the Pyramids of Giza and their guardian Sphinx, the Saqqara Pyramids, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Hanging Church and visit the newly opened Grand Egyptian Museum, the world's largest archeological museum.

  • While in Luxor, we'll tour the Valley of the Kings with its colorful tombs carved out of rocky cliffs, including Ramses VI's tomb and King Tut's tombQueen Hatshepsut's Temple, built to honor the god Amun, the Karnak Temple and the Luxor Temple.
  • While on the Nile cruise, we'll stop to explore the Edfu Temple and the Kom Ombo Temple, we'll admire the beautiful Aswan with its Temple of Phalie, dedicated to the goddess Isis and the god Osiris, we'll sail on a traditional Felucca sailboat and stroll through Aswan's exotic botanical gardens.
  • Before returning to Cairo, we'll enjoy a rare treat, as we fly to Abu Simbel to see the iconic Ramses II Temples and Nefertari's Temple.
  • As part of the experience, we'll visit a private Egyptian home and dine on the local specialties prepared just for us.
  • Throughout the tour, we'll stay in 5 star hotel accommodations, dine in excellent restaurants, as well as local eateries to experience the authentic Egyptian flavors, and benefit from the knowledge and passion of our private Egyptologist guide, who will accompany us throughout the tour.

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It was great to visit the pyramids and ride the camels. The optional hot air balloon ride was fantastic! I was nervous about visiting the Middle East but I always felt safe and appreciated the Tour Director and the local travel agency looking out for us. The hotels and the Nile cruise were wonderful. I think SST did an amazing job with this tour. From being met at the airport upon arrival to being taken back to the airport at the end of the tour, we had “handlers”. - Debbie from Tennessee (Egypt 2 2023)
The entire Egypt tour was fabulous. A trip of a lifetime. I like traveling in an all women group. Having most of the tour/meals set up for us is great. S and S sets up really nice accommodations for us. - Orma from Pennsylvania

This tour (Egypt) was fantastic. Seeing the pyramids in Giza was a life long dream. I really enjoy traveling with S&S. They provide great accommodations and knowledgeable tour leaders. Having transportation to your hotel upon arrival and transportation to the airport for your trip home greatly reduces the travel stress. Keep up the good work! Your company has great communication to the travelers prior to the trip. - Andrea from New Jersey

Best tour I have ever been on in my life! Raf, the Egyptologist, was absolutely superb. Very, very knowledgeable. Wonderful sense of humor. I am a college professor, and if he were at my university, he would win outstanding professor every year. - Kathy from Texas

The tours to Egypt and Jordan were fantastic!   Marta was a great tour director, as always.  The Egyptian guide was very knowledgeable and made history so easy to understand.  Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan are a must-see.  Every day was a new and interesting experience.  Sights and Soul always manages to find the best of everything for a tour! - Barbara from Alberta

Egypt by far, surpassed anything I could have imagined. So many excellent experiences – riding a camel in front of the pyramids, hot air balloon (optional trip) over the Valley of the Kings at dawn, sailing down the Nile, seeing the hieroglyphics and tombs, and enjoying the laughs & sights with the other women. The first excitement was arriving at our wonderful hotel the first night and looking up and seeing the Pyramids from hotel. That will be locked in as a forever memory. The details of the daily tours and hotels selected quickly exceeded my expectations (you could see the pyramids from our hotel) and I have always been known to set the bar high. In addition, women that I have met during my travels have become fast friends. It makes you so anxious to book your next adventure. - Valarie from California

This was an absolutely fabulous tour. It was packed with activities. There is so much to see that every day was really busy and full. The group was incredibly cohesive and fun. Marta was a terrific Tour Director. The hotels were fabulous. The Nile cruise was wonderful. There was a really good mix of historical sites, museums, cultural sites, shopping, dining, and down time. - Adrianne from Florida

There are several experiences that I thought were absolutely amazing. Hot air balloon ride, Nile cruise, riding in the back of the truck in the Wadi Rum. I was so very happy to experience every one of them. Also, Rafat, our Egyptologist, was simply amazing! He helped make the trip as awesome as it was. - Brandy from Oklahoma

The tours were extremely well planned. Each day had different and memorable experiences. I enjoyed every minute without exception! I have taken many tours with other companies, but Sights and Soul Travels has demonstrated a superior level of quality. The attention to detail and concern for travelers is outstanding. The sights, history, culture, activities and company made this trip a memorable and fantastic experience. - Kerry from New York

The Egypt trip was planned to perfection! You left no stone unturned in the itinerary. Every day was a new highlight. From start to finish the experience was awe-inspiring – the sheer magnificence of the Great Pyramids of Giza, walking through the Valley of Kings, sailing on the Nile and the grandiosity of the ancient temples. We saw everything and then some! – Kermala from Michigan

The entire tour was fabulous. I particularly enjoyed the tombs and temples. Having an Egyptologist was a major plus. - Joan from Florida

This was a trip of a lifetime for me. As high as my expectations were, the trip exceeded them. Raf really bought the area to life. He was knowledgeable, pleasant, and saw to it that we enjoyed every stop. His presence is what took this trip to the next step. – Jacqueline from Colorado

Egypt was great! Saw everything I wanted to see. – Barbara from Idaho

Each day had the “best” experience. Going inside the tombs, riding the camels, dinner at the guest house, drive through Egypt, markets, Islam tour, Balloon ride, Egyptologist, lectures, trip to Petra and Dead Sea Spa. The tour was Amazing! Enjoyed the shopping experiences and especially with the companies that did not pressure but exposed us to the techniques of how the crafts/ art were made. Comradery was exceptional among a group of strangers who were very inclusive and helpful for each other. - Grace from South Carolina

Top notch professionals, very well managed tour. The local Egypt supplier was the best. – Catherine from Illinois

Everyone I told that I was going to Egypt asked if I was worried about safety and I easily said no because I was traveling with “Sights and Soul Travels”! I felt very safe the whole trip. The women on the trip made the experience great. Mohammed and Guardian Travel did a wonderful job. Everyone was fantastic!!! – Nancy from New Jersey

The Egypt trip took me on a journey to times past. The entire trip was exceptional, but the key to its depth was the Egyptologist guide. It seems you would never get the same understanding of what you were experiencing without him. The timing of our stops were extremely well organized. One example was heading straight to the Tut exhibit at the museum as soon as we arrived. We had the entire room to ourselves for quite a while before other visitors arrived. – Mary from Oregon

My friends are sick of me talking about Sights and Soul. You guys are the best, can’t wait for India and Lebanon, then South Africa 2020, and who knows where else! – Tammy from New Jersey

The tour to Egypt and Jordan was well-planned. Our Egyptologist in Egypt had amazing knowledge. Our local guide in Jordan was excellent. I felt very safe while on this trip especially with our armed security. – Jani from Oregon

Fascinating ancient history, our Egyptologist was so knowledgeable. A real gentleman as well. You were right Yolanta – really great travelling companions! - Paddi from Alberta 

This was the best group of women on any tour I’ve experienced. Marta inspired us! Raf was an incredible guide – the sights were beyond my expectations.  One of the most gratifying, fun, Sights and Soul trips. – Joan from California 

Great tour – great women – great Egypt specialist – loved Marta! - Kim from Virginia

This was a most fascinating and educational trip: I greatly appreciated the knowledge of our local guides. There is nothing like actually standing next to the pyramids and the Sphinx, going down into the beautifully decorated tombs and walking through the amazing temples of Egypt and Jordan! The tour leader, Marta, was always availableif/when needed. She was calm and through and extremely even-handed in dealing with all in the group. She was organized and collaborated well with the local guides. - Deborah from Florida

It was my first time with you & I absolutely will do it again. Everything was arranged for me, so all I had to do was enjoy! - Sally from Ohio

I am so very pleased to have experienced traveling with Sights + Soul – very well organized + all accommodations were great. - Rhea from Arizona

Simply put, I loved the Egypt trip. I felt safe and well taken care of, and I would highly recommend it. - Char from Nevada

This was one of the best tours I have ever taken! Having an Egyptologist with us an the entire tour was wonderful. He was able to build on the history as we went. - Susan from Arizona

Egypt was magical, and it was the smoothest, best run tour I have ever taken. - Wendy from Maryland

The Egypt trip was so much more than I even expected or hoped it would be. The connectivity between the tour leader and the Egyptologist guide made the tour a pleasure – all the logistics came off seamlessly. - Maria from Illinois

My decision to go on this tour was one of my best decisions of the last five years. I have traveled extensively, but the ancient treasures of Egypt leave one unable to speak, and then reconsider the history of civilization. - Alice from Georgia

Once again, you thought of everything. Thank you for making my 10th trip with S+S so memorable. - Andrea from Nevada

  • Carefully curated itinerary, including signature ancient Egyptian experiences
  • Exclusive experiences, not available to larger groups
  • Small group with the maximum of 16 women
  • Knowledgeable and passionate Egyptologist guide
  • Inclusion of Abu Simbel, missed by most other groups because of the cost involved
  • Experienced Tour Director throughout the trip
  • Accommodation in upscale, perfectly located hotels
  • Inclusion of all meals throughout the tour, including drinks
  • A private, home hosted Egyptian dinner on a roof terrace overlooking the Sphinx
  • No forced shopping