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Greenland Expedition Cruise - Overview
July 28 - August 9, 2024 

July 28 - August 9, 2024     
13 Days / 12 Nights

This tour starts and ends in Montreal, Canada

$13,900 per person/double occupancy; door–to–door, including all flights, airport transfers, and pre- and post-cruise hotel (Classic Veranda Balcony Suite, other suite types available)
$6,950 optional single supplement (Classic Veranda Balcony Suite, other suites available)
Includes all fees and taxes



  • Small-ship, luxury expedition cruise
  • Exclusive experiences and landing sites not available to larger cruise ships
  • Private executive transfers from your doorstep to your home airport and from your home airport to your home
  • Round-trip flights to New York or air credit
  • Luxury pre-cruise and post-cruise accommodations in Montreal
  • Round-trip private/group charter flights to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and from Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada 
  • Welcome cocktail reception exclusive to the Sights and Soul Travels' group
  • All meals onboard, including all drinks
  • All balcony suite accommodations with butler service in every suite
  • Multiple shore excursions at every stop
  • Unlimited WiFi
  • Personalised service: nearly one crew member for every guest
  • Multiple restaurants, diverse cuisine, open-seating, a la carte dining
  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship, including champagne, wines and spirits
  • In-suite dining and 24-hour room service 
  • Onboard entertainment and location specific lectures
  • Complimentary transportation into town in most ports
  • All onboard gratuities
  • An experienced Sights and Soul Travels' Tour Director throughout the tour

Additional/optional costs may include: optional single supplement, optional suite upgrade, optional travel insurance, meals not included in the itinerary (pre- and post-cruise), optional activities not included in the itinerary (pre- and post-cruise), optional Tour Director's gratuities, personal expenses. 

Please Note: Since this journey is run by a third party, Silversea Cruises, Sights and Soul Travels' alumna certificates and cancellation vouchers are not valid

Tour Director: Yolanta Barnes

Greenland, the world's largest island, stands as an untouched paradise of ethereal beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. Greenland's vast icy expanses evoke a sense of awe and wonder, where colossal glaciers sculpt the land, giving birth to a breathtaking panorama of icebergs that float serenely in crystalline waters. As the land stretches northwards, stunning fjords slice through the rugged coastline, presenting a dramatic interplay of deep blue waters against the sheer cliffs. Here, Arctic wildlife thrives in abundance, with majestic polar bears, nimble Arctic foxes, and graceful reindeer inhabiting this untamed wilderness. In winter, the dance of the Northern Lights illuminates the night skies, painting the darkness with vibrant ribbons of green, purple, and pink, and in the warmer months, Greenland transforms into a land of colorful blooms, with vibrant wildflowers carpeting the valleys and hills. Towering mountains rise majestically from the landscape, and cascading waterfalls add to the overall grandeur of the breathtaking Arctic wonderland. Exploring Greenland unveils a sense of solitude and purity, where the unspoiled nature sings its song of tranquility, leaving every visitor in awe of the magnificence that abounds in this remote corner of the Earth.

The Summer Greenland Luxury Cruise adventure will awaken the explorer in you. As the island emerges from the grip of winter, a sense of renewal permeates the air, and the landscapes burst into life. We’ll roam a fairytale land of beautiful wildflowers, breathtaking fjords, extraordinary cliffs, hot springs, and crystal-clear skies in Greenland while basking in the midnight sun. The majestic fjords, with their emerald waters and towering glaciers, glisten under the generous sunlight, creating a breathtaking backdrop for exploration. We’ll dig deep into the country’s culture and traditions, and learn about its history from passionate and knowledgeable guides. With trips to native communities and days spent exploring the jaw-dropping landscape, this is truly a trip for those who want to go off-grid.

Embarking on a luxury cruise through the pristine waters of Greenland is an experience that epitomizes indulgence and opulence. As we step aboard the Silver Endeavor, we'll be enveloped in an ambiance of elegance and refinement. The ship's meticulously designed interiors boast lavish cabins and suites, adorned with plush furnishings and panoramic windows, offering uninterrupted views of the breathtaking Arctic landscapes. From the dramatic towering glaciers and vast arctic wildlife to the remote coastal villages nestled amidst idyllic scenery, every view is a feast for the senses. Onboard, world-class amenities cater to our every desire, with gourmet dining options that showcase the finest cuisine, accompanied by an extensive selection of wines and spirits. Impeccable service and personalized attention ensure that every aspect of our journey is flawlessly curated, allowing us to unwind and revel in the lap of luxury. Whether sipping champagne on the deck as the midnight sun bathes the landscape in a golden glow or partaking in exclusive shore excursions that will immerse us in the local culture, a luxury cruise in Greenland promises an unforgettable voyage of unparalleled comfort, sophistication, and discovery.

With the Greenland Silver Endeavour luxury cruise, we are continuing the newest chapter for Sights and Soul Travels: luxury cruises for destinations that lend themselves to touring from the sea. We can't help but be excited about this offering! It will allow a select and very fortunate group of women to embark on a door-to-door luxury cruise that will immerse us in the majestic beauty of the world's largest island, Greenland. 

Your luxury experience will begin as soon as you leave your home. Silversea's executive private transfer service will pick you up from your doorstep and transfer you to your nearest airport. Your flight to New York City is included in the tour's price (major airports only, otherwise an air credit and economy class only, otherwise a business class supplement or an air credit). On arrival in New York, you will be met by a uniformed chauffeur for your private transfer to one of New York's top hotels. Here, you will meet your Tour Director and the rest of the Sights and Soul tour group for a festive welcome gathering. The next day, we will return to the airport for a chartered group flight to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, a small town in western Greenland, where we'll board the Silversea Endeavor luxury expedition cruise ship and settle into our suites.

The high-quality service onboard Silversea Endeavor imparts an all-encompassing sense of well-being from the moment we board and set sail. This is relaxation at its most distilled: we will be welcomed into the supreme luxury by a team of butlers, trained to very high standards, who will guide each of us through every aspect of our cruise. They are there to ensure that all our need are taken care of before we even need to ask. A polite, professional, and friendly butler makes the difference between a great cruise and an amazing one. From unpacking your suitcase at the beginning of your voyage to shining your shoes and making your restaurant reservations, your butler will be happy to serve you. He or she will make sure that your room is always in pristine condition, provide white tablecloth in-suite service, and guarantee that your customized, in-suite bar is always full. From drawing a scented bath to ensuring that your every desire is fulfilled, the Silversea butler service can't be beat. But perhaps the greatest gift of the butler service is knowing that they are always there when you need them and mysteriously disappear when you don’t.

Throughout the cruise, we will enjoy the 24-hour gourmet dining options inclusive of all alcoholic beverages, classy entertainment, lectures on the history and culture of this unique country, and several shore excursions every day. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Greenland. Indulge in a glass or a bottle of champagne, wine, beer, or spirits on the house. Your butler will also ensure that you have enough water, juices, and soft drinks in the public bars as well as in your suite. Silversea promises to keep your mini-bar full of your favorite drinks and alcoholic beverages. Your butler will replenish them daily, but if you want a little extra, just ask! No wish is too big or too small. You’ll wonder how you ever managed before! 

We'll enjoy our meals as a group in one of the four fine dining restaurants onboard or you can choose to have any meal in the comfort of your own suite. The Silversea Endeavor's restaurant menus are curated to be a deep-dive culinary immersion beyond anything you have ever experienced aboard a cruise ship. Each gourmet dining option offers unforgettable food and atmosphere, creating long-lasting gastronomic memories.

Because the Silversea Endeavor is an expedition-style ship, able to venture into narrow fjords, inlets, and channels where bigger ships cannot, we will have the fullest experience of visiting Greenland. Added to that are superlative service, extreme comfort, gourmet dining, and of course the wonderful company of other like-minded, intelligent, and funny women traveling companions. We guarantee that this is the one adventure that you will never forget.