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Sights and Soul Travels, LLC is a boutique tour operator specializing in luxury tours and vacations for women, with destinations primarily in Europe, but also in South and North America and in Africa. The small group tours incorporate sightseeing, outdoor activities, wine tastings, fine dining, spas and luxury hotels, and cultural offerings. The company is based in Germantown, Maryland, in the greater Washington, DC area. The company owner, Yolanta Barnes, has been involved in travel and organizing various tours since 1997, and Sights and Soul Travels was founded in 2004. Every year, she accompanies 3 or 4 tours by herself to assure that the trips adhere to the high Sights and Soul Travels' standards.
  1. Women-centered tours designed by women
  2. Personal approach of friends traveling together
  3. Tours are not subcontracted nor combined with other groups
  4. Most tours stay at only two hotels, to limit constant packing and unpacking
  5. Small groups, like-minded travel companions
  6. Relaxed pace, no rushing, no early departures
  7. Adventure and culture, combined with a vacation
  8. A la carte dining at fine restaurants
  9. Centrally located boutique hotels
  10. Local guides brimming with knowledge and enthusiasm

Yolanta Barnes is a European who has been living in the US for over 25 years. She is a business owner, a speaker, an artist, and a student of life. Yolanta is an enthusiastic and gifted teacher and leader, and her multi-cultural approach to world travel is what makes the tours truly unique. Yolanta has traveled extensively throughout the world and delights in sharing with others her passion for travel, art, nature, history, and food.

I believe women travel differently than men do. We like to get to the bottom of issues, take our time to discover and appreciate cultural differences and get to know the people, not only see the sights. We also like to relax and be pampered. The tours which we design combine this kind of cultural awareness with historical explorations, yet they also include activities which make our travel time true vacations: spa visits, wine tours, slow walks along beaches and hikes in the mountains, leisurely dinners with good conversations, music and opera performances, dance and cooking classes, and of course laughter, new friends and lifetime memories.

Yolanta is the primary leader on several tours each year. She shares European insights with the group, drawing on her knowledge and understanding of complex historical and cultural issues. Yolanta brings her enthusiasm and appreciation for the arts and history, developed through her many years as an art museum docent.

Kasia Slabosz lives and works in Krakow, Poland where she was born. She has lived in both the US and England and has visited many countries around the world. Kasia owns a publishing company which specializes in folklore, regional and travel books and she is considered an expert on the region. Her passion is applying the principles of creative energy and order to everyday life. Kasia is also responsible for the Sights and Soul Travels' web site design and most of the tours' logistics.

We know that if we show you the real, off the beaten path world and introduce you to its rich cultures and the stunningly beautiful outdoors, you will want to return again and again.

During the trip Kasia is the person who takes care of all the details, accommodating special needs, and making sure everyone is comfortable. She is also available to arrange any optional activities or accommodate any special interests and requests.


Going beyond the usual "drive-by" tour, Sights and Soul Travels, LLC offers women quality travel experiences in a safe and fun environment. The tours are unique in their relaxed pace, friendly atmosphere, and their in-depth approach to world's culture and history. The destinations chosen for the tours are not the typical tourist spots and they allow you to experience the world's best destinations in depth. The company founder has always been a passionate traveler who appreciates history, art, people, adventure and great food and she loves to share her knowledge and travel secrets. As a European, she has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of many of the world's regions and their culture. As an experienced world traveler, she understands the needs of women-on-the-road and is committed to making your travel adventure enjoyable, memorable and fun.

Being a small company allows us to offer personalized service, and our enthusiasm and the fresh approach to travel  ensures that you will have an exceptional experience, getting a unique glimpse into the region you visit.


We travel to fascinating places which offer natural beauty, cultural wealth and historical heritage. If you are looking for experiences that transcend the ordinary at destinations that are beautiful yet original and "undiscovered" by large crowds of tourists, you are in the right place. Sights and Soul Travels' tours are known for their originality, depth and focus. We travel to places which are free of excessive commercialism and experiencing them will become a lifelong memory: great art that touches your heart, unspoiled nature with a gift of beauty and solitude, history "aha" moments, quaint towns with authentic folklore, sophisticated cities bursting with unusual cultural offerings, fine dining and friendly locals.


Expand your mind and stir your soul. Traveling in non-competitive, supportive company of other women you can be yourself, let down your hair, explore at your own pace and in your own style. You will connect with other women, start new friendships, rediscover your passions, find new fascinations and truly rest and relax.

  • Enjoy rich travel experiences without stressful competition or expectations
  • Study Titian or wildflowers, or wander aimlessly for as long as you want
  • Slow down, relax and feel free to be who you are
  • Acquire new skills and gain confidence to travel on your own
  • Come home with life's most prized gifts: friendship and memories

One of the most lasting elements of a Sights and Soul tour are the friendships that develop among women travelers. There is a sense of camaraderie among traveling women which adds dynamism, harmony and easy laughs to the group, and it also brings travelers back to journey together time after time.



Sights and Soul Travels' tours are designed to experience the excitement and sophistication of world's great cities as well as the peacefulness and serenity derived from the natural beauty of unspoiled countryside. Most tours are divided into the history and culture focused "city" part and the outdoor, adventure-filled "country" part. On most tours, you will change hotels only once, eliminating the need for constant packing and unpacking. While staying at your base, in a boutique city hotel or at a spa resort, you will have enough time to become familiar with your surroundings and to take exciting side trips.

  • take private tours of cultural and historical monuments
  • get an insight into history, art, culture, language, and cuisine
  • renew physically and spiritually in the mountains or by the ocean
  • connect with new, like-minded friends
  • have enough unstructured time to make your own discoveries
  • enjoy the vibrant cities and the cultural immersion
  • get pampered and relax in the mountains or by the ocean

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